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Become a Vendor

Become a PourMeABeer vendor and start earning cash. Just register below, and we can get the ball rolling — it’s super easy.

  1. Register as a PourMeABeer vendor and provide your business info.
  2. Get an email with your vendor onboarding link and complete the process.
  3. Upload your digital assets, logos, graphics and such.
  4. Pick the products that you’d like to sell.

As simple as 1, 2, 3…4

Once you’ve finished onboarding, we’ll review your request and get a hold of your business contact. They’ll review and approve the products you want to sell. Then we’ll verify the approvals (edits or comments). After all of that, we’ll add your products to the PourMeABeer marketplace and your vendor profile.

Once you’re in, we’ll send out the newsflash to all PourMeABeer subscribers with a new-vendor spotlight showing off the swanky new products you’re offering to the marketplace.

Check out all the benefits of being a vendor on

Merch Made Easy

Upgrade your cash flow and brand exposure

Earn some extra bucks

Hassle-free income from selling your logo on our swag. It's plug-and-play, easy-peasy, worry-free revenue.

Free advertising

People wearing your logo is a good thing. Get that exposure -- let the world know about your beautiful brew business.

No startup fees

Sign up, pick your lineup, drop your logo, and you're ready to go without putting anything down.

No contracts no hidden fees

Did we mention that this is Friggin' easy? We're just another site trying to help people like you make some extra dough and get the word out. We're as transparent as they come; we're not trying to milk pennies out of anyone.

We store it

You don't need to keep all of the extra weird-sized swag around collecting dust. No buildups of XXS or 4XL. They order it, we print it, you get paid.

Shipping's included

Shipping costs are included in the price, so you can bushwhack your way through hesitant buyers.

Save time + money

No extra hours packing and shipping. No ordering in bulk for discounted prices. And most importantly: more time for you to spend on the important things.

Sell swag globally

Maybe that dude from Quebec loved your beer but forgot to get a shirt. No problem, he can grab one when he gets home. Or maybe a mom from out of town ranted and raved about your summer seasonal -- now her son can snag her a hoody for Mother's Day.

Superior customer service

Peace of mind is a powerful thing. And we want your mind zen af. Our customer service reps are prepared to tackle any issue and concern you're experiencing.


Yeah, a poor pun for analytics. But on a serious note: we have all the stats, graphs, and numbers you need to stay in the know about your merch sales.

Want more?

You can simply drop your logo and let us handle the rest. Or, if you're really itchin' for some sales, we have some premo marketing options available to get your swag showering the masses.

Even more options

Maybe you already have some hats and shirts at your swag shop. But maybe somebody wants a tank top, or some sweats, maybe a beanie. We got you covered. Just send them our way, and you still get paid.

Vendor Registration