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Our Story

At PourMeABeer, we have a mission. That mission is to make it easy for the breweries of our great country to offer their merchandise online. Not just easy — but simple and hassle-free.

And we want beer enthusiasts, casual drinkers, local business supporters, and brew fans out there to have ready availability to a wide variety of swag from their favorite breweries.

Why, you ask?

How many times have you, as a business, loathed purchasing in bulk to get a price cut, knowing certain sizes just wouldn’t sell? Or maybe after purchasing said order, you had a brilliant idea for a different design you wish you would have ordered instead.

As a consumer, how often did a merch shop not have your size, preferred color, or article of clothing that you hoped to pick up?

We know your struggle.

As beer enthusiasts of many years, we decided to make a change. Not only for us — but for everyone. With PourMeABeer, you can now add beanies and tank tops to your shelves without worrying if they will just collect dust. And now you can snag a zip hoody in your favorite color by customizing online. And not just any run-of-the-mill products; we hold ourselves to the highest standard in providing quality gear at affordable prices.

We want to cut out the fluff between your brewery and deliver the wide array of merchandise you’ve dreamt of. No hiring extra staff, shopping for graphic artists, or learning E-commerce yourselves — we do it all for you.

And as a Veteran-owned company, we believe in the widespread opportunity for all to buy, sell, and represent the brewery threads you deserve most simply and easily.

So wear your beer and wear it proudly. You can learn more about us and our mission on our socials and by signing up for our newsletter. There you’ll get product updates, vendor arrivals, and some(times funny) quality beer humor.


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Certified Veteran-Owned Business

PourMeABeer joined the 9.1% of Veteran-Owned Businesses in America.